Maine Inspection

Miras marine inspection carry out independent marine surveys, conduct independent assessments and act as consultants in a wide variety of maritime matters. We are a professional marine surveying company dedicated to providing the most experienced and knowledgeable service using traditional and the most modern techniques available today for your vessel..

Retail Assistance

Miras provids Middle/Far East customers stock products as: Electric motors, Generators,Industrial stock pieces etc.

Bunker Survey

The survey is carried out to measure and ascertain the quantity of Bunker on board at the specific time.

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Pre Shipment

 An inspection of contract goods prior to shipment so as to ascertain their quality, quantity or price.

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Conditon Survey

Visual inspection conducted at the time of delivery or re-delivery of a vessel.

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Cargo Survey

Our experts perform an independent and qualitative inspection of cargo condition, as well as cargo survey,

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Our Service

To avoid conflicts of interest and to guarantee the integrity. Miras only carries outservices for shipping companies, charterers agencies and acknowledged companies. This clearly shows where our reliability and integrity is based on. We are not carrying out any surveys for suppliers and/or sellers of oil.

Our professionalism and specialization is based on the many assignments we have received and implanted for many years.

Besides the ARA area, we are also active in and among many other West European ports since 2016 with well trained and experienced bunker surveyors, who have years of professional, specialized and independent experience with B.Q.S. tasks.


The pre-shipment inspection can be agreed upon between a buyer, a supplier, and a bank, and it can be used to initiate payment for a letter of credit.





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